quality%20assurance%20image.jpgPatisserie Royale operates a Quality Assurance department whose members are charged with the ultimate responsibility to coordinate our high company standards to that of the manufactured products.

From the time the raw ingredients are received throughout production and dispatch, the Quality Assurance department ensure that the products continually meets our high quality specifications. Our Quality Assurance team developed Quality Procedures in order to guarantee that our products continually meet a clear, consistent set of high quality standards and meet legislative requirements. The procedures include monitoring weights and measures and organoleptic properties such as taste, texture and colour.

Patisserie Royale staff are fully trained in Food Safety and there is a dedicated HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Team and HACCP Plan in place. Strict allergen programs are adhered to and the Quality Assurance department ensure full product Traceability meeting legal requirements. We have a full Quality Management system and follow Global Food Safety Standards. The business is regularly audited by the Health Service Executive as well as periodic quality inspections by our customers who find us consistently compliant with legislative and quality standards and have confidence in our products.