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Rich chocolate sponge infused with a kirsch wash and layered with black cherry filling and fresh cream. Topped with black cherries and milk chocolate flakes. 1560g

Rich, moist chocolate sponge layered with a chocolate butter cream and covered in a chocolate ganache.1700g

Luxury mince pie mage with a buttery shortbread pastry and the finest quality mince.

Chocolate cake log layered with a high cocoa content butter cream and covered in a chocolate ganache. Finished with a shiny chocolate glaze. 1590g

Moist coffee sponge infused layered with a light, creamy butter cream. Topped with white and milk chocolate flakes, broken walnuts and coated in a light biscuit crumb. 1700g

Vanilla and chocolate sponge soaked in Irish cream liqueur and layered with fresh cream infused with toffee. Finished with chocolate caramel curls and broken mini chocolate honeycomb balls.1610g

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